Dr. Fauci Claims People Go To Medical School Because Of Him

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It’s abundantly clear, two-plus years into the pandemic, that part of the reason why disproven COVID “interventions” have continued for so long is the egos of the supposed experts involved.

Perhaps no one symbolizes the massive, runaway, unchecked self obsession of credentialism better than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci has repeatedly referred to himself as science, and pointedly argued with any criticism of his methods and activism.

But Fauci recently took it a step further, claiming during a discussion that people go to medical school because of what he symbolizes.

According to Fauci, “in an era of the normalization of untruths and lies,” he represents “consistency, integrity” and most laughably, “truth.”

It’s hard to believe the hubris and lack of integrity required to make these claims after Fauci’s disastrous tenure running the nation’s COVID response.

Dr. Fauci’s Track Record

Fauci has blatantly lied and manipulated the public on multiple occasions; from claiming that he initially said masks didn’t work to protect supply for healthcare workers, to his inaccurate denials of involvement in funding potential gain of function research, his attempts to label those who questioned the origins of the virus as conspiracy theorists, to admitting that he moved the goalposts on vaccination rates to reach herd immunity so more people would get vaccinated.

He criticized governors like Ron DeSantis for following science and reopening their economies, while praising disgraced politicians like Andrew Cuomo because of their ideological alignment.

Not to mention his abhorrent promotion of school closures, ineffective lockdowns and absurd “untruths” about disproven pseudoscience like “double masking.”

And of course, his delusional, profoundly incompetent pronouncements that the vaccines were 100 percent effective.

Dr. Anthony Fauci. (Getty Images)

Given how poorly the medical profession has conducted itself over the past several years, it wouldn’t be a complete shock if many entering medical school do view Fauci as a hero for his actions during the pandemic.

Unmitigated Disaster

But for anyone paying attention to his actual track record of prolific inaccuracies and relentless political advocacy, it’s abundantly clear that Fauci helped create an unmitigated disaster.

Lockdowns have destroyed economies, leading to runaway inflation while accomplishing nothing in terms of reducing disease burden. School closures have been a historic setback for the nation’s children. Masks, on top of being completely useless, have contributed to learning loss, been an environmental catastrophe and increased societal divisions.

Everything Fauci has recommended has undeniably failed. His tenure will go down in history as one of the country’s biggest unforced errors; a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

But when, like Fauci, you have the world’s biggest ego and the protection of the press, you apparently can feel comfortable making these unfounded, inaccurate, offensive claims about your own self importance.

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