Loneliness and unhappiness may accelerate aging faster than smoking

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Researchers have found that certain psychological issues — such as hopelessness, unhappiness, and loneliness — could increase a person’s biological age more than smoking. Jesse Morrow/Getty Images
  • Medical history, lifestyle, and genetics all play an important role in how quickly a person ages.
  • Recently, researchers have found that a person’s mental health is also a factor in their risk for accelerated aging.
  • According to researchers, certain psychological issues — such as hopelessness, unhappiness, and loneliness — increase a person’s biological age more than smoking.

Aging is a natural life process that everyone experiences.

However, the process is not always the same for everyone. Factors such as your medical history, lifestyle, and genetics can play an important role in what happens to your mind and body as you get older.

For example, past research shows smoking, dietand stress accelerate biological aging.

Now, researchers from Deep Longevity

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Massachusetts man accused of killing mother dead after medical emergency in cell

A Massachusetts man arrested Friday night and charged with murder in the death of his mother suffered a medical emergency in his cell and was later pronounced dead, a spokesperson for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office said. 34-year-old Adam Howe was facing murder charges in the death of Susan Howe, his mother. First responders found a body set on fire outside a Truro, Massachusetts home late Friday night while making a well-being check, Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe and Truro Police Chief Jamie Calise said on Saturday.”Howe suffered a medical emergency in his cell this weekend,” the spokesperson said. “He was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford by ambulance. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s.””Out of respect for the family, we have no additional comment or details,” the spokesperson said. “That family has been through a lot this weekend; please keep them in your prayers.” …

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Nearly a year after being shot in the head, St. Charles County man considered a ‘medical miracle’

ST. CHARLES COUNTY (KMOV) – A St. Charles County man shot in the head and left to die is making remarkable strides, leaving his doctors stunned by his recovery.

Chris Smith, 49, was shot in the head at point-blank range on Nov. 24, 2021, after returning home with Leslie Reeves 45, on their first date.

“As I was driving home from work, I passed my neighbor’s house and I just had a gut feeling, something saying, ‘don’t go out, stay home or go to St. Louis,’” Smith said. “The first time I don’t listen to my gut, this happens.”

Smith doesn’t remember much from that evening but said he went to a local bar in Farmersville, Illinois, with Reeves for a couple of beer. The two had exchanged numbers earlier that day.

A bullet remains lodged in Smith's brain following the shooting.
A bullet remains lodged in Smith’s brain following the shooting.(Sharon Costanza)

The pair returned to Smith’s home,

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Georgia teen suffered medical emergency during flag football game before death: report

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A Georgia teen who died Wednesday during a flag football game reportedly suffered a medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital where the student later died.

The teen was identified as a high school student at The Weber School – a private Jewish community high school in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta.


A Weber School player died after suffering a medical emergency on Wednesday night.

A Weber School player died after suffering a medical emergency on Wednesday night.

The school said there would be counseling services on hand, and class was canceled Thursday.

“The Weber School is mourning the tragic loss yesterday of a member of our Senior class. Last night and this morning, students, faculty, staff, and parents came together in solidarity and meaningful reflection and prayer,” Harwitz said in a statement to Fox News Digital.


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Alzheimer’s disease risk linked to newly discovered protein mutation

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Researchers discovered a microprotein called SHMOOSE, which appears to have a physiological role in neurodegeneration, and its mutation is linked to Alzheimer’s disease risk. VICTOR TORRES/Stocksy
  • Researchers used multiple methods to analyze mitochondrial genetic data and identify a mitochondrial microprotein associated with the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • They discovered the SHMOOSE microprotein, which appears to have a physiological role in neurodegeneration.
  • The mutated version of the SHMOOSE microprotein, found in over 20% of Europeans, is linked to a higher Alzheimer’s disease risk.
  • The finding opens new avenues for detecting, preventing, and treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Mitochondria are structures within the cell that convert energy from food into energy the cell can use. Each cell contains hundreds to thousands of mitochondria. Although most DNA is found inside the cell’s nucleus, mitochondria also contain a small amount of DNA, known as mitochondrial DNA.

In the early 2000s, researchers realized that

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