Be Seen Be Safe When Doing Outdoor Activities

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Outdoor Sport is an activity that uses up a lot of time, thought and effort. This activity is highly favored by many people because it is very fun and not boring than indoor sports activities. The usual outdoor activities a lot more people are running, traveling, cycling touring and mountain climbing.

In order for sporting activities run safely and smoothly then prepare all of support equipment. And for extra safe when doing outdoor activities at night we were advised to use ID Armband Who Am I. This armband ID can be worn individuals and teams, in order to make an outdoor activity at night can be seen, running safely, smoothly and Be seen Be Safe.

Led ID Armband Who Am I The only and unique 2 in 1 product providing great visibility (steady or blinking mode) and containing All the info Of the person : name , age, blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, medical information and more. You simply write all the info with a sharpie pen on the waterproof polymer strip which afterward is inserted in the products.

The led system is powered by a cr2032 battery which is easily to replace after about 70 hours. All their products are light are light, comfortable and waterproof. Be seen Be safe.

The Who Am I company offers 3 different products:

The led ID slap armband (can be worn to the wrist, ankle or simply enrolled around another gear)
The armband (is worn on the upper arm) is liked a lot by runners.
The led clip on ID (ideal for children coming back from school, for traveling or hiking)

If you want to know more information, see the video.