Healthy Nutrition For Pregnant Women

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Pregnant is one thing that is highly anticipated by a married woman or a new family. Pregnancy for women are the refinement phase of life, for women themselves and family. With pregnancy family can continue the next generation, therefore pregnancy is very important for a family. As a pregnant woman should really maintain the health of the fetus to avoid nutritional deficiencies when it contains and when it was born.

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To maintain the health of the fetus directly you can do with the intake of nutritious food or nourishing the pregnant mother to the fetus. For nutrition in maternal consumption will directly into the intake of nutrients the fetus. Therefore, you should pay attention to healthy nutrition for pregnant women. And here are some Healthy Nutrition For Pregnant Women:

Green Vegetable

Green vegetables such as spinach, celery, broccoli, a healthy nutrition for pregnant women. And green vegetables can provide lots of good nutritional value. Such as vitamins A, C, and K as well as folic acid and vegetables that contain lots of iron can help prevent anemia.


Consuming fruits pregnant women will get a source of vitamin C every day. And vitamin C is especially important for pregnant women because it can give immunity to the body and also prevent some infections. For a day at least pregnant women should consume vitamin C as much as 70 mg per day. And fruits are good for pregnant women consumed like orange, strawberry, grape, melon or papaya.

Lean meat

You need a protein intake of meat should be lean but, like beef that contain lots of good protein to strengthen the fetus. But for those who suffer from hypertension if you eat too much meat is not recommended by doctors, especially for goat meat can raise your blood pressure, and therefore do not eat meat with excessive.


Milk is added nutrition, highly recommended for pregnant women. And most importantly during the first three months, for pregnant women should consume lots of milk can strengthen the fetus in the womb.


Carbohydrates should not be forgotten, because the nutrients containing carbohydrates are necessary for the body to provide energy, the energy needed by pregnant women for the growth of the fetus and placenta forming and shaping the breast tissue to breast-feed. You can consume as potatoes, bread or cereal.

Similarly Some Healthy Nutrition For Pregnant Women, may be useful for those who are pregnant, keep your pregnancy properly to the fetus in the womb staying healthy, as well as set a good Nutrition.