5 Tips for Baby Massage

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Massage now a day is considered as one of the life’s simple luxury and pleasure that is equally beneficial for both adults and babies. Baby massage is stated as more of a child care strongly advised by pediatricians. The pediatric research has proved that a regular baby massage can help your baby to grow and behave better.

A proper body massage can help babies in their early developmental stages by the timely diagnosis of minor infant ailments or early developmental delay. There are a lot of baby massages available in the modern age, but one should know proper tips and techniques to be followed to achieve maximum results. Enlisted in this article are top five tips for you to massage your baby for his better future and strong bonding with parents.

Tummy massage:

The best time to massage your baby is after giving him a bath. It is recommended to start the massage by gentle rubbing movements. Put both your hands on the heart and stroke outwards gradually moving towards the tummy, repeat these gentle strokes for a few minutes. After you are done massaging the chest, put one hand on the chest and stroke it downwards delicately to the thighs. Change hands and repeat the movement.

1.   Back massage:

In order to provide back, massage lay down your baby on his tummy. Put your hands on the base of the neck and massage by moving them in the backward and forward direction gradually moving down to the buttocks. Use your fingertips for massaging the center of the spine. Be careful not to massage the spine directly instead use round rubbing movements on the sides of the spine with each hand going the other way. The bodies of the babies are very delicate and are in developmental stages so make sure that you apply adequate pressure in which the child feels comfortable, and the chances of getting hurt are reduced to zero.

2.   Leg massage:

The infant’s legs are the best target are for starting the massage. The reason behind it is that it gives the baby an instant relief and make him/her accustomed to the touch. To massage, the legs firstly apply sufficient warm oil to your hands and then rub the right leg first followed by the left leg. Now use the technique of pulling the legs by gently wrapping your hands around the legs.

3.   Arms massage:

For massaging the arms, the same method of wrapping the hands around the arms and pulling down is applied. Start from the shoulders by moving your thumbs in a circular motion and gradually move down to the wrist. To increase the flexibility of joints rotate the wrist of the baby first clockwise and then anticlockwise. Utilizing your thumbs, rub the baby’s palm in a round movement then move forward by applying gentle pressure on the small balls at the base of the fingers. Massage the fingers by gently pulling them out while rubbing with the forefingers.

4.   Foot massage:

Foot massage is the safest thing to try on babies to reduce their crankiness. As babies are in the early stages of development applying reflexology can prove effective for them. The technique involves the application of moderate pressure on the specific points in the feet that release the blockage thereby increasing the blood flow and boosting the flow of energy to the whole body.

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