Why You Should Do a Colon Cleanse – Rapid Weight Loss, Better Health, and More

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Do you find yourself tired and lethargic only a few short hours after you've awoken? Do you find yourself unable to have a bowel movement twice a day? Does everything you eat turn into gas in your stomach, producing an unsightly bloating and uncomfortable abdominal pain? If any of these symptoms describe you then you need to seriously consider going on a colon cleanse.

A colon cleanse will do just that – clean out your colon. Usually each cleanse comes with its own supplements specially designed to scrub out the excess debris and waste sitting in your colon. Once the colon can function optimally again then th digestive process is more efficient and your metabolism will rise, causing weight loss.

To get the most out of a colon cleanse, follow the directions closely. This means trashing all junk food and fast foods – basically any processed foods. These are extremely high in sodium and sugar, and can possess dangerous trans fats and chemical additives – all of which gum up your system, cause you to gain weight, and bring on health problems down the road. Instead, switch your diet over to fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole-grain bread products. The produce and whole-grains are high in fiber and low in processed sugars, which will help keep your colon happy.

When it comes to beverages, forget the sodas, coffees, and other assorted drinks. What your colon needs more than anything (besides fiber), is water. Water helps to move waste out, water helps to keep the body running efficiently, and water helps to boost metabolism.

Following all the tips above and doing a colon cleanse two or three times a year will not only keep you and your body happy, but will give you a better chance at a long, healthy life.