Injuries Often Occur When Playing Basketball

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Basketball is a popular sport all over the world. Millions of people play this sport at various levels of competition. From inter-school championship to NBA levels, injuries can happen anytime. Injuries to basketball can be divided into two general categories: overuse injuries and traumatic injuries. To deal with injuries to the muscles and bones you can follow therapy in physical therapy NYC.

Overuse injury

Injuries caused by persistent tension in a part of the body until the part is damaged and began to ache is called an overuse injury. One example of an overuse injury is patellar tendinitis, or “jumper’s knee”, which is characterized by pain in the tendon just below the kneecap.

Some basketball players too often use tendons that are on their shoulders. The rotator of the shoulder is composed of four muscles. The tendons that attach the muscles to the shoulder bone can become inflamed and cause pain, especially when overworked, such as shooting.

A traumatic injury

The traumatic injury is caused by a very strong sudden movement. Some of the most common traumatic injuries in basketball are injury to the fingers. The seriousness of finger injuries ranges from minor injuries to ligaments connecting bones to each other, to finger fractures. Another example of a traumatic injury is a muscle that is attracted or torn. In basketball players, this type of injury often occurs in large muscles in the legs. To prevent it, do stretching on the thighs and calves well and always start each exercise with warming.

Ankle injury

The most common injury to basketball players is ankle injury. This injury often occurs when a player lands on the foot of another player or ankle rolls out too. When this happens, the ligaments can be partially or completely torn.

Knee injury

A knee injury is one of the most serious injuries to basketball. One type of knee injury is sprain. A sprained knee causes a small tear in the ligament that can be considered not serious enough to make a basketball player retire. To help the process of tearing the ligaments, the knee should be rested for some time. After the tear is healed, stretching and strengthening exercises are needed for the muscles around the knee to help keep the knees in place.

Another knee injury occurs due to a tear in the meniscus, which is a tissue that acts as a cushion between the lower and upper bones of the legs on the knee. To cure or remove a torn meniscus, arthroscopic surgery may be required. The surgery is done by inserting a camera and instruments into the knee joint through a small incision on the skin. With these instruments, the damaged meniscus can be seen and treated.

Basketball is a fun sport for all age and ability levels, but always be wary of injuries caused by overuse and trauma.