Medical experts in the Ozarks warn weed vapes could send toxic gas to your lungs

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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – A new study about weed vaping shows it could send toxic gas to your lungs.

from Portland State University found evidence of vaping cannabinoid acetates forms a deadly gas that could injure your lungs Researchers. That toxic gas, called ketene, is released when cannabinoid acetates are heated under vaping. In 2019 researchers found ketene to be dangerous and a possible source of the vaping-induced lung injury outbreak in 2020 that caused thousands of people to be hospitalized.

The study provided results based on one puff, showing ketene levels known to be dangerous to a user’s health. Researchers also mentioned that people who use these vape products likely smoke them for more than a single puff.

CoxHealth Branson Community Educator Jim Brawner explains why prolonged exposure to these products could concern users.

“As more studies come out like this one, pay attention to it,” said Brawner. “If you haven’t started, don’t start. When these are ingested in the lungs, along with it’s currently six toxic metals that flake off because the heating elements can do major damage. You can’t get rid of those once they’re in the warp.”

Health leaders also say ketene is nearly untraceable in the human body, so it’s important to keep investigating exposure to the deadly gas.

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