Making the Choice to Be Healthy

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Everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone is really committed to making it happen. It’s easy to say that next week or next month is the perfect time to start a much needed diet. But sadly, that perfect time never seems to happen. Slowly, what was a few extra pounds that you wanted to lose becomes a much greater amount. As time passes and more weight is gained, you begin to feel like your eating and weight gain are out of control. You might finally be motivated to try a diet and exercise program but you quickly learn that effort is not going to be enough. You have gained so much weight that you can barely get through daily activities and added exercise is nearly impossible. It feels like you have no options but that is not the case. A few minutes spend reading about Lap Band Houston could change your life.

A lap band is a silicone elastomer band which is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch. This small pouch holds only a limited amount of food which will make weight loss substantially easier. After the procedure there will be dietary and lifestyle changes that will allow you to lose a large amount of weight.

This is a serious procedure for people who have a body mass index of 30 to 40 and who have been overweight for at least five years. The patient must also have made serious attempts to lose weight on other programs or plans without success. In addition, the person must be willing to make significate changes in their lifestyle and diet. The advantages of this procedure include a faster recovery time than other procedures. Most patients can resume normal activities after only a week or two. This is because the surgery is done with minimally invasive process and there is no stapling or cutting of the stomach.

Being overweight poses many health risks and greatly reduces quality of life. If other options haven’t been successful, then explore Lap Bands Houston to see if this is a solution that will alter your life forever.