5 Things Every Man Wants in a Woman

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There are certain things that attract us in the opposite sex. But there are particular things in a woman that will make absolutely every man notice her, leading to a desire to get to know her closer.

Some people prefer to meet potential partners in real life, for example, at cafes. But if you want to try free dating sites online – click here. However, the rules of winning a man’s heart are still the same, no matter where you meet him.

So, let’s see more precisely what these 5 things every man wants in a woman are.

5 things a man wants in a woman

  • Attractive – it might seem that men are afraid of serious relationships but, in fact, it is not true. They are afraid of women with no passion and attraction. Never try to rush the relationship, making a man scared because of that. Just relax and enjoy the things happening naturally. There is nothing more appealing for a man than to see a happy and amusing lady by his side.
  • Independent – the opinion that men look for weak ladies is absolutely wrong. With that in mind, you should know that men enjoy dating women who are full of life, new ideas, goals, etc. Men like when women have their own space. So, don’t try to live a man’s life but live your own. It will only attract him more.
  • Playful – it is not a secret that guys are deeply connected to women who are playful and amusing in terms of character and behavior. They are fond of active ladies who love to play as it creates a certain connection between two people. Try to be competitive, play games, sports and of course, don’t forget about little teasing and sarcasm that won’t leave him indifferent.
  • Emotionally mature – sooner or later there comes a moment when a couple has different opinions regarding this or that issue. In such a situation, it is important to stay calm and respect your partner’s point of view instead of criticizing or blaming him. Share your feelings in an honest and open way, making him understand you better and making yourself even more attractive in his eyes.
  • Intelligent – when dating, communication plays one of the most important roles. Beauty will not save you from an inability to keep the ball rolling. Read as much as you can, visit exhibitions, watch the news, and try to be aware of the latest things happening in the world.

These are the general traits men value in women. In fact, women are not opposed to such traits in men too as they can help to build a really strong connection and result in a successful relationship.