These Types of Personal Injuries can Cause Negative Health Concerns

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Personal Injury is the infliction of damage to a person’s body rather than the harm to property or materialistic things. Damages include injury to body parts, intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED), and negligent infliction of emotional stress (NIED). A law named as Tort Law has been formulated to protect the people from the consequences of Personal Injuries. The Tort Law, also known as the Personal Injury Law covers the indemnity for an injured plaintiff when the plaintiff is harmed due to someone’s negligence or intentional harmful act. Read on to learn more on the types of Personal Injuries that can Cause Negative Health Concerns.

There are a variety of types of Personal Injuries that can lead to negative Health Concerns and you ought to consult your attorney for the compensation of that Personal Injury. Not all the Personal Injury conditions lead towards liability but some of them immediately provide liability and compensation. The personal injuries include:

  1. Car Accidents.

One of the major type of personal Injuries includes injuries caused by Car Accidents. Most of the time the cause of a road car accident is the ineligibility of the driver hence the driver can be held responsible for the accident.

Sometimes, the mistake can be at the end of the road crosser and then the driver is not faulted. This is one of the worst type of Personal Injury as the Negative health concerns are often detrimental. The person who encounters the accident can get serious injuries and the deformities of body may also take place.

  1. Medical Malpractice.

Negative health effects result when Medical Practitioners don’t perform their duties well. Serious Personal Injuries can occur as a result of Medical Malpractice. The injuries caused due to Medical Malpractice can be claimed through the attorney by filing a case against the Doctor or Nurse who failed to perform their duty legally.

  1. Slip and Fall Cases

One of the common causes of Personal Injuries is Slip and fall. This case is filed by the attorney of the plaintiff if the person slipped and fell from an unsafe property. So while renting or purchasing a property, one has to be sure enough to add the terms of hazard free premises in the contract. All slip and fall injuries are not liable to compensation but some of them can be considered in case the property is dangerously constructed. Slip and fall injury claims are involved in Premises Liability and Slip and Fall injury Claims.

  1. Defamation.

Libel and Slander Defamation can be considered to be a part of the Health concerns under Personal Injuries when they make a person mentally retarded because of the shame followed. The person who did the defamation is held liable for paying the compensation for the mental sickness.

  1. Dog Bites.

The people who own big dogs are responsible for keeping an eye on them. If their dog bites a person and (s)he gets sick and is in pain, then the owner of the dog has to pay the compensation stipulated under the Dog Bite injury section.