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Approve New Drugs Avastin (Avastin) for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. Advanced breast cancer refers to tumor cells have spread to other organs, such as lung, liver, or bone cancer. FDA approval was letting some people be surprised to some extent, let the other person has some expectations, however, FDA decided that an advisory committee in December recommended that the withdrawal of the drug’s approval, nor that the opposing views less, the voting result is 5:4. Avastin

So what? It in some breast cancer patients, what effect?

Avastin is a type called anti-angiogenesis agents, or the inhibition of angiogenesis Preparation New drugs in one. Their mechanism is to cut off the blood supply to tumor tissue, thus inhibiting tumor growth. Prior to this, Avastin has been approved for the treatment of colorectal cancer and lung cancer.

A large, in breast cancer patients with advanced multi-center clinical trials conducted show that Avastin can not only reduce the volume of tumor tissue, but also to patients with life expectancy. In this experiment, it was found that Avastin combined with standard chemotherapy drugs paclitaxel in patients with life expectancy can nearly double (11.3 months and 5.8 months, compared with paclitaxel alone). Another published in June this year, the results obtained similar results.

But tumor experts, both in the most important point, that the overall survival time, there is no difference. Use this index to measure the result, the overall survival of women taking Avastin time and no more than single women taking paclitaxel long, which is why FDA approval in February for the treatment of advanced breast cancer when the drug was surprised because the .

“Our science and evidence as possible in accordance with the act, if there is any possibility to give the benefit of patients, we will strive to try,” New York University Cancer Institute, Cancer Center director Ye Linna. Said.

Quality of life and length of life

Eric. Wingler that Avastin for women with advanced breast cancer is a very important drug, Winer is a well-known in Boston Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Department of Women Cancer Center Breast Cancer Project director. “In fact, the tumor did not progress, or without the survival of the patients is very important,” he said, “under the control of tumor into the life of a quality of life is obvious, if not cost a lot energy and resources on the treatment of complications can control the tumor, which is undoubtedly the best. ”

Avastin’s side effects are not uncommon, including:

Hypertension . Blood viscosity, thrombosis. Cardiac complications. Intestinal perforation. Proteinuria (protein in urine increased, is a sign of kidney damage).

“For many patients, no matter what kind of complications of the above results are frightening, it is very clear,” Ye Linna said, “We pay particular attention to thrombosis and other vascular events, because It means a stroke. is a rare, but serious consequences. ”

But these side effects are compared to other chemotherapy drugs for the purposes. For many women, Avastin was well tolerated, the United States John. Hopkins School of Medicine Breast Center Registered Nurse LillieShochney said, “is in advanced breast cancer patients should not only consider the quality of life issues, but also concerned about the length of life issue, I am currently nursing a patient to use Avastin, she can continue to work, it is very important for her, because she is single, lives alone, need something to support her to live.

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