Incredible medical staff for your infertility treatment

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About ADONIS - ADONIS International

Fertility doctors are people that help you to maintain fertility and stay healthy in sexual matters. ADONIS Fertility doctors staff include only skilled specialists which work with the main goal – your successful treatment process without complications. 

While choosing your best fertility doctor, several aspects should be taken into account, for your well-being and happiness: 

  • Qualification and expertise

ADONIS provides a rigorous selection process when new doctors are coming to the staff. Relevant education, professional experience, active participation in the training, courses and conferences (including their own reports). Scientific activity is also preferred to be assigned to the ADONIS professionals staff. 

Our doctors are versatile persons who are always improving their skills and exploring new information in the field of fertility treatment. 

  • Individual approach 

Every patient’s case is unique, that’s why personal consultation and medical history review is must during ADONIS fertility doctor visit. We provide a personally adapted treatment plan based on the expertise of fertility specialists, client’s requirements and wishes. All necessary points are spelled out and established from the very beginning. 

  • Clarity and understandable manner 

ADONIS medical and other staff are always ready to help and support you. You will have the whole range of information about the treatment process, diagnostics, intermediate results and possible success. Our doctors convey the information to the patients in a language that is understandable and without a bunch of scientific terms. We always provide a choice for everyone, the alternative method of treatment and different kinds of ADONIS Programs are made for your health and comfort. 

  • Work of the whole professional team 

ADONIS clinics propose the whole range of facilities and diagnostics on their own base. ADONIS owns Embryo laboratory, Cryo-bank, Surrogate donors, Maternity Hospitals and many others services. 

The whole team of professionals are working for the best results of the treatments. 

Quality healthcare requires an integrated approach, that’s why we in ADONIS provide the full cycle of medical assistance.

Experience of the whole ADONIS fertility doctors team works to the best serve of every client. Together with the Head of Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Svitlana Shyianova (21 years of professional experience) and the Head of gynecological department Mariya Sokolova (21 years of professional experience), ADONIS makes lives easier and happier. 

It should be noted that Jehoshua Dor – Director of the Center of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel – is the leading professor of reproductology in ADONIS Ukraine. His experience of 46 years amazes. 

ADONIS medical staff composed of real stars in the area of Obstetric-Gynecology, Reproductology and Endocrinology. We are ready to be your best assistance and helpers. 

Come to ADONIS clinics and experience the fertility treatment of the worldwide level.