Cavities and How to Overcome Them

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Cavities that are not treated immediately run the risk of causing infection. The infection that occurs will cause pain and toothache, especially when chewing food.

Perforated teeth are generally caused by bacteria that accumulate in the mouth. In addition, consumption of sweet foods or drinks, and not maintaining oral hygiene can also cause cavities in the teeth. This condition can be experienced by anyone, including adults, adolescents, children and infants.
If not treated immediately can damage the layers of teeth to the inside. These conditions can cause severe damage. If it is severe, perforated teeth can cause infection until the tooth dies. Therefore, maintaining dental hygiene is important for early prevention.

The cause of cavities is always characterized by the presence of plaque on the teeth. Plaque that is attached will slowly erode the layers on the teeth to form holes.

How to deal with perforated teeth depending on the conditions experienced include:

Fluoride treatment

This treatment is done if cavities have just appeared. Fluoride treatment will help restore eroded tooth enamel.

Tooth filling

Filling teeth is done if the tooth has decayed. During the tooth filling process, the doctor will remove the damaged tooth with a drill.


The choice of crown treatment will be chosen if the tooth decay has expanded and the condition of the teeth is weakened. The crown procedure is performed by placing a denture crown over the cavities. Before placing a dental crown, the doctor will remove the part of the tooth that has been damaged and leave a small portion as a foundation. If so, then a denture crown will be placed on top of it. Denture crowns are made with the same materials as dentures, namely porcelain, resin composite, or gold.

Dental root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is done if the damage has reached the root of the tooth. This treatment is done to repair and save teeth that have been badly damaged without having to remove the tooth.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is usually done if the perforated tooth has been badly damaged and cannot be restored. The act of removing cavities will leave gaps. To overcome this, you can install dentures or dental implants.
Perforated teeth can also cause pain. To overcome this, you can do this by avoiding foods and drinks that are too hot or cold. Apart from that, you can also take pain relievers as a solution.