Exercises For Better Health

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Most doctors now agree that exercise can make an important contribution to a person's health. When normal people who have led inactive lives first take up an exercise program, they get exhausted and out of breath very quickly. But after only a week or two of regular exercise they begin to feel less tired and report an increased sense of well-being.

In addition to feeling better physically, they also get a mental lift. Other areas of their lives, such as personal relationships, seem to improve. Various surveys have shown that those who undertake some form of regular vigorous physical activity suffer much less than their inactive colleagues from ischemic heart disease. Even those who do suffer heart attacks are much more likely to make a full recovery if they have been physically active before the attack. Moreover, by providing a means of relaxation and recreation, exercise can reduce stress which is one of the major factors thought to precipitate heart disease.

Gentle rhythmic activity like swimming, jogging and walking are very good ways of releasing the tensions caused by everyday life. Competitive Sports, on the other hand, may increase nervous tension. A lot of folk notice that increased vitality resulting from regular exercising helps them to perform their daily tasks with less strain and greater calm. Another psychological benefit is that of increased self-confidence, while many exercisers report sleeping better at night since they started exercising regularly. In fact, doctors should be advising their patients to take exercise rather than tranquilizing pills!