6 Reasons to Improve Your Sex and Improve Your Health – Better Sex Can Mean Better Health, Who Knew?

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Improving your sexual performance will improve your desire to have more sex and this will in turn improve your health. Heck yeah! The healthiest kind of sex is sex on a regular basis. My recommendation is once a day, or at the very least 20-23 days out of 30.

Sex as a health boost is probably the last excuse in the world needed to have sex. But it is a good one after all. There are more and more health increasing benefits relating to sex found in medical reports every year. That can not be just coincidence.

Having an orgasm or just having sex increases the hormone Oxytocin becoming more known as the love hormone. This hormone is responsible for feelings related to intimacy, trust, and good natured generosity. So sex is also good for increasing positive moods.

Sex has the ability to reduce your chances of a heart attack! Now that is awesome news. Its old news, but its old news that bears repeating. Having sex at least two to three times a week (even for seniors) is a Cardiovascular workout. It is excellent for decreasing your chances of having a stroke and reduces the risk of heart attacks in men.

Sex as a pain reliever? Well, it does. It helps to ease physical pain. This is another one of those hormone things talked about earlier. Good Old Oxytocin causes sudden surges in endorphin release. So after you have sex your pain threshold will be greatly reduced. Plus this hormone also keeps your positive moods swinging more to the smiling side.

Health benefit number one in my book is that it is great exercise. Sex as exercise is number one for me due to the fact that no other exercise can do as much nor be anywhere near as enjoyable. It burn calories, helps to build your immune system, reduces stress, raises pain tolerance, and helps you to sleep better. Now that is one great exercise technique.

Reduces stress. This one seems obvious but it really is not so much. If your a woman in many cases it can be difficult to orgasm. This can be frustrating. However sex is still good and it still can reduce stress even without a climax. But gentleman need to learn how to please their ladies. And the ladies need to learn how to speak up and tell their men what they want. Improving your sex life by communicating your needs helps to alleviate relationship related stress.

Lower prostrate cancer. This one is a shocker. This was the real reason that I began writing the article. This was something new to me, having sex can help reduce your risk of prostrate cancer. The best for last I suppose. The journal of the American Medical Association found that men who (when younger) had more frequent ejaculations were also linked to a significant reduction of prostate cancer later in life.

You really can find many, many health benefits connecting with having better and more sex. There is not any more excuses left. It can help someone who has headaches regularly. It can help someone who has high stress levels. It can help someone to sleep better. So there are more reasons than ever to have sex so improving your sex is something just as important.