Healthy Tips For Culinary Tourism

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Flavors of a delicious meal in the restaurant or restaurant is very tempting to try and enjoy it when you’re traveling, but do not overlook the cleanliness of the food and health food. If you ignore the health and hygiene of the food you consume you will be sick before enjoying your travel. To keep the body fit and healthy does not hurt when returning from a tour, please note the following.

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Plan a Destination

Before leaving for travel, planning destination where you eat and what foods would you message. Will be easier to choose healthy foods.


Reference culinary tourist sites clean and nutritious food you can make a major consideration. For example, serving hot honey milk, vegetables, tuna fish soup, broccoli soup, fruit juice or fresh vegetables, and so on. Seafood can be an option, because low fat and low in sodium. You can order seafood in various ways, baked, steamed, grilled or sauteed.

Food Menu

Most restaurants already have a website, and include menus on the web. It becomes an advantage for you, because that site is usually listed menus are used as a selling point of the restaurant.

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water when eating will make you relax and they can enjoy the food. Additionally, your brain responds better message when the body feel full. Thus, the benchmark instead of the food was sold out on your plate.


Avoid the time arrived at the restaurant hungry. Conditions that will make you panic, and made you can not order food wisely. In addition to delicious, healthy menu is that you are looking for.

Portions Spot

Restaurant serving food with ample servings for consumption by two or three people. To avoid stomach too full, order a smaller portion, or share portions of food with your colleagues.

Type Drinks

This type of beverage calories high enough. For example, large-sized soda has about 300 calories. The solution, you can order a diet soda, unsweetened tea or mineral water. In addition to soft drinks, shakes types of drinks containing saturated fat and 800 calories.

Sharing Food / Drink

Share a drink through a bottle or glass to point to the exchange of saliva. And germs that can cause fever, herpes, and even meningitis, it can move through the process eat on the same medium.

Cleanliness Dining

The cleanliness of the restaurant you go into the main, look back restaurant sanitation systems, as well as their process of storing and cooking food. The decision is in your hands, to remain, or have forgotten recommendations about restaurants serving good food, but the location is dirty.