Best Foods to Increase Blood

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Do not underestimate if your body lacks blood. Especially for women who are on a diet, the level of blood loss is greater because it does not get much nutrition. Red blood cells (hemoglobin) play a very important role for health, because the blood carrying nutrients and oxygen. If the lack of blood, can experience anemia that the initial symptoms such as weak, lethargic and tired.

If hemoglobin deficiency, do not rush to take blood-boosting supplements. As a first step to overcome the lack of blood, you can choose a more natural way that is by eating healthy food. Various natural blood enhancer supplements are beneficial to increase blood for pregnant women, breastfeeding or anyone who wants to keep their blood levels stable. Anemia or also known as layman is a condition where the body is experiencing blood deficiency, this can be caused by several factors such as unhealthy diet, the menu of food consumed daily and also unhealthy lifestyle.

As a result of iron deficiency or anemia symptoms, in addition to making the body easily tired, but also the sufferers will often feel dizzy and also anxious. If your body condition is like that, certainly activities or activities that you usually do will be very disturbed. Well, to overcome these health problems, you should multiply consume various types of foods rich in iron content.

1. Meat

Meat can increase hemoglobin and is rich in iron. In addition, the meat is easily absorbed by the intestine so as not to cause clogged digestion. However, do not over eat meat because it can make the risk of heart attack increases. Eat low-fat meat with a balanced diet.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the blood-boosting foods. However, not all vegetables can reduce anemia. Vegetables include blood spinach, sweet potatoes, green peas, red beans, cabbage, turnips, potatoes, broccoli and mustard greens. Of the many vegetables, yam is the best natural remedy to increase the number of red blood cells. Cassava contains iron, activates red blood cells and adds oxygen to the blood.

3. Fruits

Fruits such as raisins, prunes, apples, grapes and melons, not only smooth the flow of blood, but also increase the number of red blood cells. Citrus fruits and limes also add iron to your body.

4. Almond Nuts

Some types of nuts can overcome the lack of blood, especially almonds. 1 ounce of almonds every day gives 6 percent iron to the body. In addition, the price of almonds is relatively cheaper than other nuts.

5. Bread, Oats, and Cereals

These three foods provide 20 percent iron if you consume them daily. Wheat makes the body healthier so it needs to be incorporated into your diet list. Wheat also has a lot of iron content that reduces your risk of severe anemia.