For Better Health – Go Vegan

What is Vegan is all About?

Veganism is a stricter version of vegetarianism. It is a phenomenon that is catching up fast especially amongst the more health conscious people. It concentrates more upon minimizing or totally eliminating the use of any sort of animal product, be it in food or clothing or anything else.

So being vegan means bidding good bye to things like butter, milk, cheese, meat, honey, eggs and chocolates and replacing them with things like soy milk, sorbet, lentils and tofu as far as the menu charts are concerned. It also signifies the end of apparels made of silk, and being replaced by traditional cotton or rayon.

Reasons for Veganism

The reasons for doing so might vary from being purely ethical to the mere concern about health – or both!

Many of those suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc have reported positive effects and …