What You Should Know About Health Supplements in Singapore

What many people don’t understand is that people in Singapore are extremely health-conscious. This is likely one of the reasons why the life expectancy in Singapore is at an all-time high. In fact, residents of Singapore are more likely to visit health food stores or use Health Supplements than anyone else in the world. There are a few things to understand about the types of supplements they take, as well as the growing trend in the delivery and the absorption of the supplements that are ingested.

The first thing to understand is that there are a wide range of supplements that people in Singapore rely on. Because the average diet is typically healthy, dietary supplements that control appetite aren’t quite as popular. However, brain health supplements, antioxidants and even standard multivitamin supplements are extremely popular. In addition, because many people live a fast-paced lifestyle, supplements for energy like Green Tea, fish oil and standard vitamin B are extremely well used. Lastly, heart health is also an important factor in the type of supplements that people take. Things like lycopene, omega-3 fatty acids and DHA are popular among the people that actively use supplements in Singapore.

What is interesting is that many of the supplements today are coming in what are called micro-tabs. Micro-tabs are miniature tablets that have been condensed in a way that makes them easy to digest. However, because of the advanced nature of this type of tablet, the concentration of supplements are extremely high and the absorption rate of the supplement is much higher than a standard tablet. Much of this has to do with the fact that there are no fillers or specialty coatings that can sometimes interfere with the absorption of a supplement.

It’s also important to understand that many brick-and-mortar health stores, as well as online stores, are offering supplements in micro tab form. Because of the advantages of these types of tablets, more manufacturers are using this technology, making their micro tab supplements available both online and in retail stores.

If you’re looking for quality supplements, Singapore retailers as well as online providers have many different supplements to choose from. Whether you’re looking to have a healthier heart, more energy or you’re simply looking to supplement your diet, there are plenty of supplements that can do all of this plus much more.

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