Slots That Can Be Gone in 2017

The gambling industry has been demonstrating amazing results for the last two decades, creating and releasing technologically developed and innovative slot machines based on various themes and storylines. Needless to say that many people are passionate fans of this particular sphere and spend all their free time and money playing favorite one-armed bandits, for example, sizzling hot deluxe online for free play. Electronic gambling machines are attractive in terms of bright colors, winning sounds, interesting and thrilling plots, amusing characters taken from famous TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc. So, if slots are so popular among millions of people from more than 100 countries on 6 continents, then why some of them are predicted to be gone in 2017?

Major reasons for slots “extinction”

  • slots stop making money
  • mechanical or technological limitations
  • they are not thrilling or exciting
  • inability to hit the jackpot
  • low payouts yet big bets
  • absence of free versions.

Da Ji Da Li

It is a universal truth that a great number of slot machines disappear on a regular basis because of terrible payouts. And one of such machines is Da Ji Da Li, hence, it is predicted to be gone by the end of 2017. Due to horrendous payouts, it is simply ignored by thousands of keen slots fans. Yet, the worst thing is that its manufacturers don’t wish to change anything about it. Additionally, this machine has some kind of a trick that lets players win for about a week and then suddenly “eats” all the saved bankroll within a few gambling sessions. There was even a case when a woman lost $200 playing Da Ji Da Li in just four minutes. Perhaps that’s the main reason why it is considered to be trash and is subsequently ignored by the players.

Britney Spears

Themed slots that include celebrities are extremely popular among gamblers. But there is always an exception to the rule and this exception is the Britney Spears gambling machine. It is a high volatility yet low payback slot, that’s why players describe it as “nasty” and “the one that would be gone quickly”. Playing it, you can only make 5 cents on a 50 cent bet. Who would like that?

Monopoly Reel

Monopoly Reel slot was launched only last year, yet it is already predicted to be gone this year because of almost no or poor bonuses. According to the statistics, it doesn’t last long anywhere it is placed. This particular game could be fun were there better bonuses.

The bottom line

Summarizing all the above-mentioned information, one can clearly make the following conclusion: if a company that produces a slot includes multiple benefits in it that can be used by players e. g. bonuses, promotions, awards, etc., then the game will 100% succeed and stay on the gambling market for many years. Yet, if a game lacks good payouts, free spins, and other features, then it is more likely to be gone within a short period of time.