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Causes and Symptoms of PSTD Mental disorder could catch anyone; many people are at risk of contracting mental disorders. Change of opinions regarding the normal could be attributed to mental disorder. The people living with mental conditions see the world differently, and often they perceive the world to be a dangerous place. There are many mental conditions which differ from one to the other. There are mental conditions that could be rid off entirely, but there are others that can only be managed throughout life. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the common mental disorders discussed in this article. Post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) refers to the mind disease that often comes when a person is exposed to stressing events or situations. Traumatic situation that may be the cause of PSTD includes being subjected to rape or abuse. The stress and trauma that people exposed to war go through could cause them contract PSTD. Serious car accidents could cause the surviving victims the condition. People who experience car accidents often are left with nagging thoughts and feelings of the incident. People with PSTD often experiences thoughts, feelings, and dreams that make them relive the ordeal. Victims of post-traumatic disorder could try to avoid people, things, and situations that bring back the memories of the ordeal. Anger could as well characterize people with the PSTD disorder. People with trauma could be under the whims of insomnia. The symptoms of PSTD must have been in existence for more than a month for the condition to be established.
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The cause’s of PSTD could be a horrifying head-on collision with a car. The people who are victims of car accidents are at high risk of getting post-traumatic stress disorder. PSTD could also catch people who are abused or raped. If the foster parents mistreat or abuse the kids they could develop post-traumatic stress disorder. War could also cause trauma in people. The nature of work of the people could contribute to getting post-traumatic stress disorder; soldiers involved in combat and police officers could be at high risk of getting PSTD. PSTD is prone to such people because their job involves dealing with people under odd situations f injuries or death.
The Essential Laws of Tips Explained
PSTD could only be treated with medications and counseling therapies. Antidepressants medicine is frequently used to reduce the effects of the condition although counseling sessions have proven to be more efficient. Counseling could be done in groups or as an individual but group counseling is often recommended because it proves to be more efficient. To find the cause of PSTD may sometimes prove hard due to victims over reporting or under reporting.