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Available Procedures for Hair Restoration A lot of people these days are becoming conscious of their overall appearance. Studies conducted also showed that physical appearance greatly impacts the performance of an individual in the society. That is the real cause why there are clinics providing services to improve the overall look of people. There are individuals who need their hair to be restored. There is in fact a medical procedure for hair restoration and it fundamentally is designed to permanently correct male pattern baldness. A variety of methods are under this category and the two topmost strategies are Scalp Flap Surgery and Scalp Reduction Surgery. Scalp flap surgery requires moving a flap of skin and underlying tissues from one scalp location to the other. The doctor initially cuts out a part of the scalp where you cannot find any growth of hair. He then replaces it by a flap of hair-bearing scalp. The dimension and placement of the flap is determined by the need of the person. The individual will never need to be worried about the scar since it will be covered by the relocated hair.
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This strategy is advantageous in remedying a traumatic injury site and at the same time repairing its functionality and appearance. This method is also used to repair a skin defect caused by congenital malformation. The benefits of this technique include natural frontal hairline, appropriate hair placement in temporal areas and hair pattern distortion avoidance. However, the side effects may also happen such as permanent hair loss at donor sites, scarring at donor or recipient sites and blood supply failure to the flap.
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The other surgical treatment that can be done is the scalp reduction surgery which is the hair restoration treatment commonly intended for individuals with posterior baldness. It is into getting rid of bald scalp and bringing the half-bearing scalp nearer to it to fill in the bald area in the scalp. What happens in this hair restoration surgery is that the surgeon reduces the baldness by cutting out a segment of the bald scalp skin. First part of the surgery will require the surgical removal of the bald portion of the scalp and the second part involves hair-bearing scalp being upwardly stretched to take the place of the bald scalp that has been removed. This hair restoration surgery is often combined with hair transplantation with an objective to aid in good hair restoration in your sensitive areas such as the frontal hairline. The scalp reduction surgery can be carried out before, during or after hair transplantation. The appropriate time is determined by the individual’s need; factors include the hair loss degree, laxity of the scalp and donor hair amount. The possible complications and side effects of this treatment could possibly include scarring at the suture lines and central mid line scar referred to as slot deformity. There are numerous companies providing hair restoration operations but right before you actually submit yourself to the surgical treatment, you must verify the quality, proficiency and reliability of the service provider. You have to be certain that they will help you achieve the hair restoration that you want. In choosing a standard clinic, you can check the legal status, feedback of former patients, and professional skills of the surgeon.