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Some Things to Consider When It Comes to Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation surgery is something that has become quite a trend in this modern age. Breast implants are being utilized in breast augmentation surgery so as to boost the size and shape of the women’s breasts. There are some plastic surgery centers that utilize silicone breast implants while there are also some that utilize saline breast implants. Women prefer to have get this kind of surgery for various reasons. Enhancing the contours of one’s body, making the breasts symmetrical, and correcting the loss of breast volume after pregnancy are just some of these reasons. When it comes increasing the bust line of the woman from higher cup sizes, breast augmentation surgery is the option you can take. What are the things that exactly happen during a breast augmentation procedure? Several cosmetic surgery centers make sure to perform breast augmentation surgery with the use of general anesthesia. A surgical incision is then being created either around the areola or along the crease on the underside portion of the breast by the breast augmentation surgeon. A pocket will then be created by the surgeon either under the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue by working through the incision to make room for the breast implant.
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The entire breast augmentation procedure typically takes between one and two hours to finish. The surgical incision that was created will be closed off using stitches. To help with support and healing, tape, bandages, and gauze are then utilized.
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What are the things that exactly happen right after a breast augmentation procedure? Generally, the surgeon as well as the staff will have to monitor your progress as well as your health status after you breast augmentation procedure. To facilitate in removing any excess fluid, you should expect to see drainage tubes to be inserted in the next couple of days. A few days after your surgery, do expect to feel some soreness as well as feel tired. However, do take note that you should be mobile enough already during one to two days. Within a few days, your surgical dressing and gauze will then be removed. Also take note that during this time you can now wear a bra with a soft cup. If there are still sutures that are not able to dissolve all by themselves, then they will removed within seven to ten days. It is during the first two weeks that you should be expecting to feel some burning sensation around your nipples. This sensation will eventually wear out if your bruises post-surgery begin to fade. If you have breast implants placed under your breast gland, you should expect some swelling lasting for three to five weeks. On the other hand, it more or less takes an average swelling time of three to five months if your breast implants have been placed under your breast muscle.